IPC – Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra

Coimbra Polytechnic Institute (IPC) is a Higher Education Institution located in Coimbra, Portugal.

IPC is currently comprised of 6 separate colleges with 10,160 full-time students, 689 professors and has in its staff, 413 people. The Institute offers an incredibly diverse field of study, from education and the arts, business administration, communication and information science, tourism, agricultural sciences, to health technology and engineering. The Coimbra Polytechnic Institute is made up of Coimbra School of Agriculture, the Coimbra School of Education, the Oliveira do Hospital School of Technology and Management, the Coimbra School of Health Technology, the Coimbra School of Accounting and Business Administration, the Coimbra School of Engineering, and also the Student Services and the Central Support Services.

Internationalization is also one of the most important elements to Institutional IPC policy. In cooperation with the different schools IPC promotes a forceful cooperation with foreign HEI’s and their students, regarding teacher mobility, research, curricula development and educational systems. IPC is committed to consolidation of existent partnerships and enlarge this cooperation network aiming not only the improvement of teaching standards but also the assemblage of international research teams of excellence.

As a Polytechnic school, it has adopted a more up to date and practical approach to education, which has helped foster a reputation for quality education. The Institute has long benefited from its close links to local and national enterprises, which in many cases has given its students a career advantage. IPC has a research centre and has strongly invested its energies in investigation at the national and international level. IPC is also proud of the many fine institutions it is in partnership with; about 100, some of which have been research, student and teacher exchange partners since 1990. These links to schools and other organizations in other countries are just one manifestation of IPC’s search for excellence and dynamism.