Department of Logistics Management (DLM)

The Technological Educational Institute (Τ.Ε.Ι.) of Sterea Ellada, belongs to the Higher (Tertiary) Education, it consists of 15 departments with more than 400 persons of research, teaching and administration staff more than approx. 20000 students. The
available infrastructures are of world-class quality, capable of supporting high throughput experimentation, computing access, experimental equipment, demanding networking and distance learning activities.

The Department of Logistics Management (DLM) was founded in September 2005 enrolls more than 1200 students and it belongs to the Business and Finance School of TEI of Sterea Ellada. The DLM aims at developing graduates with strong analytical skills, technological background and knowledge that will enable them to shape business decisions and get involved in business strategies along the supply chain, implementing operational plans based on the impact of new technologies within the new global business environment on logistics.

The focus of the program is on: Supply chain Management, e-Business, e-Procurement, Transport Management, Green logistics, Reverse Logistics, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, GIS, MIS, ERP, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, Financial Engineering, Knowledge Management, Operations Management.

Faculty of the DLM has developed specific expertise built upon its long research experience and published in scientific journals in the fields of Green Logistics, Supply Chain Management, E-procurement, E-commerce, CRM, ERP, and HRM. Moreover, the majority of DLM academics have more than 10 years teaching experience in distance learning programmes at the Hellenic Open University.

Recently, the DLM has been successfully evaluated by Hellenic Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agency. The Committee responsible for the External Evaluation of the DLM consisted of three expert evaluators, professors assigned at US, UK and Cyprus Universities.